New PlayStation gift card-2023

What is PlayStation gift card?

A gift card is a virtual card or wallet that allows people to digitally store value for virtual currency or digital game tickets. Gift cards are commonly associated with the retail industry. They are different from virtual currency, which are commonly known as Steam vouchers, Netflix gift cards or Xbox Live Gold & PlayStation Plus digital gaming tokens.

How to get PlayStation gift card?

With the Playstation 4 you won’t get a chance to play Grand Theft Auto V and other awesome GTAV video game but there are other available to play such as the following:

Rise of the Tomb Raider

NBA 2K17

Battlefield 1

Sleeping Dogs

Dead Island Definitive Edition

EA Sports

Need For Speed


Watch Dogs

As you can see, there is so much to play.

How to use PlayStation gift card?

The first thing to know about a PlayStation gift card is that it isn’t just any old gift card, it is a gift card that is associated with Sony’s PlayStation Network. When you purchase a gift card, you also purchase a voucher for a game. That voucher can be used to buy anything available through the PlayStation Network, from games to DLC to add-ons to fully-featured PS3 and PS4 games.

How to redeem PlayStation gift card?

Fans wanting to claim their gift cards have until 1st August to do so and should look out for a pop-up message on the PlayStation Store, which appears to begin reading “This promotion has ended. If you’d like your prize, please visit the Gift Card Exchange page to claim your gift card or voucher”.

Furthermore, players have only 24 hours to claim their gift cards if they’re bought digitally, so there’s no time for you to get carried away.

Once you’ve checked the terms and conditions and found that you’ve not lost your time, head over to Sony’s website to redeem your code.

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